The Time for Local Economy Development is Now

My title might seem awkward, might look like I made a mistake, but I did not.  I meant Economy, not Economic.  For all that each of us needs for fundamental well-being, we need a local and solar-powered economy nested in a regional one.  For basic needs, at least, we must shift reliance to what's reliable and accessible.  While players in the national and global economy may locate a headquarters or satellite office in the city, others will close theirs.  Successfully attracting any business from away to our city is a pyrrhic victory.  We don't have to leave so much to chance.

Not only because of the settlement just achieved in Washington, D.C., the world we have shared here has changed and will continue changing.  Our hopes and expectations must not be stuck in ruts made during previous eras, when society felt responsible and could try to act accordingly.  To be blunt, we must expect and increasingly get more from each other simply because we are here together.  We can design and complete projects because we want the fruits.  It is time for us to be responsible for our own good.

To begin, please comment on any post in this blog, join Woburn Local at the SCI site and – most of all – prepare to meet and interact in new ways with other Woburnites.